the BKO project


this project is set up to increase understanding and tolerance between truckers and other road users

because i think that whit  a little understanding we can avoid or solve a lot of problems on the road


as every trucker or driver of other cars, or bikes can tell . cooperation is a must on the road

there for it is important to work whit, and understand each other, and be aware of each others ability's


a truck reacts diferent than a car . but most car drivers are not realy aware if this

so we are also aiming to get driving instructors to pay more attention to this diferance during

driving lessons


a few of the problems are .     parking space. (and the shortage of it)

                                              right of way . (sometimes you have to give instead of taking)

                                              speed diferance.

                                              brakedistance .

also on our facebook page we can name problems and discus them to solve them