who is bart ?


Hello, my name is bart and i'm driving tru europe sinds 1978....... the first few years, a lot whit beer and other beverages

in 1990 besides founding BKO i started driving whit a foodstuf tank trailer, 

and i like it

sinds that time i drove as a charter for "eikelenboom european food transport

and sinds 2007 i work for this company completly...............

i hope for many more years to come 


my youtube truckchannel > "bartkomtoveral "


( BKO "Bart KomtOveral" is translated as "bart comes everywhere")

well............ i don't realy come everywhere,........ but almost everywhere.



on 15-10-2010 i recieved a new truck and trailer



i am very pleased whit it . it's a volvo 420 hp, 12 gears automatic good interior whit refrigerator and lot's of space


i started this website as a kind of service for all kind of roadusers in the netherlands. driving here and other parts of europe. now it's also a little bit more about me and what i do.and who i am. 

(the story of my life)


i also collect magazine's and e-magazine's for information about trucking

and everything involved whit it. you find them in the menu. (on your left)

next to this website i have two youtube channels 

one for my trucking (click here) and one for my hobby, (click here)


you can also find me on twitter, facebook, google+ and 18wheelnation.

links are on the homepage at the bottom............ enjoy !


be aware and do good (click here)


this is where i live

this is my hobby



my hobby

youtube chanel


my FB hobby page

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