a few story's from the past


border crossing

one day .,when we still had a border between the Netherlands and Germany., at the border stop we had to declare our products and the diesel-oil we had in our tanks .,in Germany then .we only were allowed to carry 200 liter in to Germany ...because they wanted us to fill up in Germany so we paid taxes there as well. .......

so that day there was a customs officer who secretly went to the dutch parking lot to open the tank to see who had the tanks to full .because if you decla...red less then you carry ,it was a felony and you had to pay a lot of money ......(the man did this to know which trucks to check) ... one driver had his tank filled to the brim, and parked whit the opposite wheels on the pavement ,so the truck was leaning in the direction of the tank opening .so when the custom officer opened the lid of the fuel tank diesel-oil floated out on to his trousers and in his shoes. ..... so when we told the chief of the customs about him ,,, he could not deny he did it (we could all smell it) ...he got transfered to the polish border .......we never saw him again.

first time

i remember the first time i went to the east ...Czechoslovakia it was.
i had to drive on another company's license because we did not have one . so at the border from Germany to Czechoslovakia, i had to keep the truck out of site ...so no customs officer could see where i really drove for . and because i had never been there i needed some information....so on my way from Dresden to zinnwald (border) i met a danish driver .and asked him what i could do best ...he said ."fol...low me" and so i did.... we went up the hill to zinnwald it is a reasonably big hill so it took a while . and it was 24 years or so ago . so i did not have the biggest truck i would like to have in that situation ...but oke... we got on the top at the border... my danish colleague told me to take all my papers and put 20 Deutsch mark in my passport . and so i did .... i followed him to the customs building . and that was loaded whit truckers from all countries . to cross the border .he said this will take to long so we went to another smaller office . the officer took a quick look at our papers . and my passport . put all the stamps we needed on all the papers . and we could drive on. i never noticed where the 20 marks went . but we crossed the border in 15 minutes ............... i learned a lot that day. .....


bad unloading

it was at a factory in the north of the netherlands . we had to unload concentrated whey.. inside a hall....we did that usually whit a pump of the factory... (because we where inside) but this time . the whey was so thick that we could not get it out....so we decided to put some pressure on the tank .... after only a few seconds we had maximum pressure . and the safety valve openedwhich means we had more than enough pressure ...but we did not unload any faster ...we did no...t understand what was wrong . even my boss. (came from his house to help) . we where absolutely stunned that it did not work ..after 3 hours . trying everything possible . we released the pressure to see inside the tank . how much was still left.....we opened the lid . very carefully of course .
but nothing happend . there was no pressure in the tank at all........we all looked at each other and we did not understand . . then i took another look on top of the tank . and it turned out . someone ( i do not mention who ) ......................forgot to open a valve.... ....so three hours waiting and cursing and blaming everything . including my boss . for the material he bought and did not work
we all became a bit wiser ..... the personal at the factory . did find it very funny .........................( btw this factory ,,,as so many others does not exist anymore )


bad trip

it was in the winter a few years ago . i was driving from the chech republic to Slovakia . somehow .somewhere a sign was missing . and i got a bit lost . at a sudden point i found a way to a city i recognized .so i went in that direction . but the roads where bad and getting worse. als it went a bit more up and down in the hills . i was driving without chains off course . because the ones i had where for decoration only . not to be used, . so it was a very difficult ride . so...me climbs i had to try several times . and get more speed . to get above ....but somehow and whit a lot of luck i made it to a hard and reasonable clean road again. .... there wher a few villagers . so i stopped and asked for further directions . i was lucky one of them spoke a bit of german...he explained to me how to continue ...and then he asked me how the hell did i manage to drive on that road for that far ... i told him .........i did not know . but it was not a good road.... no he explained .it was out of use for almost a year . because it was to dangerous .and it needed rebuilding ................................that did explain a lot


new boss

the first day i went to my new boss "van dellen" they where still moving in to the new location in marum . i arrived whit the truck and trailer . to meet my new company . i parked up on the left side of the road behind another truck. . on the right there was a small car whit hanger . i thought he connected the hanger and took it whit him . as he started moving . so did i... and wanted to pass the truck in front of me . i turned to the right side of the road and moved on .....suddenly someone yelled and i stopped . then i noticed the hanger hanging on the back of my trailer .....it turned out the car did not connect that hanger but disconnect ....... that was a strong first impression ...... they laughed about it for years to come.


bad leg

for a certain period . we also drove animal feed to farmers . . so one day very early i arrived at a farm . somewhere in central holland and maneuvered backwards in the yard to the silo . it was dark and i had to get out of the truck to see where i needed to go .i did notice that the ground was very muddy . and so i put on my boots . and walked to the back of the truck to see where i had to go . at that point i dropped about 3 feet down in a well whit one leg . and wounded it... ....
it turned out that , what i thought was mud . was in fact pig-swell . the silo has started leaking in the evening before and was now emptied on the terrain..
at that point the farmer came running and wanted to warn me . he woke up when he heard the truck coming ....he was to late . my leg was wounded and after a few days infected as well . so i had a few weeks very difficult working . whit a leg that was very painful


slipery road

one day in the spring of a long time ago . i was driving from reims in france to luik in belgium . i was following the route over sedan and bouillon . at the border there is a big climb from the france site . i had a 3 compartment tank trailer and because of expected weather conditions i loaded the first compartment full . so i had a good axle pressure .... when i was at the beginning of the climb . i had already made some speed . and started to go up hill . there was a polic...e car coming towards me flashing his lights . and waving at me . but because i was climbing i kept on going . after 100 meters or so . i noticed the ice on the road and started to glide a bit to the side but luckily i had enough weight on my rear axle and good keep it up reasonably well i had to use the entire road left and right because other trucks (empty ones ) did not made up, and where blocking the right lane . it looked like forever till i got to the top . and there was also police blocking the road for all traffic .... because of the extreme weather condition there .... i was glad i did made it . ....i never took that route again in bad weather