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   HELLO...i am Bart ........ i am a trucker                                                                         



yes i am.!.... but was is a trucker.?    well many different truckers will tell you many different stories.


and here i will tel you mine. (it is a short version,  .... so don't worry.)



i was born 26 august 1959 in assen, in the north of the netherlands, where i now live again. 

i went to several schools around here, and finaly got a diploma from a technical school. and went to work as a painter.

i soon found out that was not a job for me....so i got my truck drivinglicence and a diploma as well



1978 i began to learn a little about driving,  delivering and hauling parcel's for a photocompany.

than in 1979 i started driving and delivering goods for a brewery. a lot of beverage's for bar's pub's cafe's and so on,  

i also liked to drink a lot. it was mostley free and easy to get so...........................

i did not had a drinking problem ( i drink get dronk no problem ) that was my way of thinking in those days.



But after a friend of my died from alcohol poisening, i discovered that drinking was not always as fun as it looked .

so i quited drinking on march. 4. 1986 . and i havend touched a drop of alcohol sinds then.

i also used to smoke a lot, but that became to expansive, and smelly, so i quited that as well.



So i moved on........ first to a company in the area . delivering most loose goods, not to far away. 

and later i went international.



In 1990 i founded BKO first for fun, and later i began to do more with it. i also started a store with al sorts

of interior stuff and decorations for shops . i also had my on promotion team with 6 young ladies, 

to promote my products.



but it turnt out i am not much of a shopkeeper, so after 9 months i went completly back on the truck again. 

( i still drove in the weekends and the nights do.) so i got back to work, for a company . who drove a lot of milk, 

and other liquid foodstuff, with tanktrailers. i liked that a lot, so i am still doing that today. 

now for a bigger company whit more trucks and tanktrailers in al sorts and dimensions.



I never got married, because i can not be on the road knowing someone is sitting at home waiting for me.

or getting sick and i am not there to help.or having children who get sick or wounded, 

and i am on the road worying.

i don't think i could do a good job if i had to wory about others. (parents who get ill, is bad enough)



you may think this is selfish,......... mabe it is........... but it's my life and i have to live it .... 



a few of my points :



it is not just a job,............ holding a steeringwheel 



it is a way of life.........well !!..........anyway .......... it's my way of life .....!!!



and what about you ..................?????????



Copyright 2001 BKO
Alle rechten voorbehouden.



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